So, what is the next step?

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So, what is the next step?

So, what is the next step? A question every business owner will ask themselves over and over again, and rightly so. For a business to be successful in the long term, it needs to continue to grow, evolve and improve, but deciding how best to do that and feeling confident in your decision can be so difficult.

As experts in brand management and business development, at NIMA we recognise this, and also the desire for validation that what you are doing is right and can deliver the desired result. Therefore, we offer consultancy for clients so that we can advise and support them throughout their business journey.

I wanted to learn more about this process, so this week I spoke to Clare Morris from stylish womenswear brand Copper & White who has been a client of NIMA for over two years. Our work together began with branding and web design, and social media training before progressing to ongoing marketing consultation, which now sees Clare come into our office every month to work on her business. NIMA has been at Clare’s side for each step of the way, meaning that Clare, “never felt alone on this journey. NIMA wanted my success as much as I did”.

My phone call with Clare started with a much-needed catch up before I went on to ask about how she first came across NIMA and why she decided we were the right fit for her. Clare met our Managing Director Nicky at an event and said that she, “Seemed different to the rest of the business world. Nicky was honest and warm. I felt an important connection with her straight away whilst she remained always professional.” Shortly after, Clare booked her first consultation session to discuss her business, which at the time had a different name. She recalled that;

“Nicky was insightful from the start, asking all the right questions and challenging me to open up whilst making me feel comfortable. It was like a light bulb moment when she asked me if I liked my company name, something no one had asked me before, and I suddenly thought; no, no I don’t.”

Successful consultation is more than just receiving advice, it is someone helping you reflect upon your decisions and bring their expertise to the table, to help enhance or adjust them.

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This first meeting led to a long term consultancy contract, which sees Clare and Nicky working side by side on the business, with a specific focus on the customer journey, next steps and business goals. Clare said,

“NIMA always knows where we should go next; it isn’t just a website and then they walk away, Nicky’s work with Copper & White evolved as the brand did, and her support was a vital part in the growth of the business.”

Whilst sharing more about her business journey and each step taken with NIMA, Clare highlighted how important honesty was throughout, but what she found valuable was the knowledge that she can take from each session, including Nicky’s knowledge of the retail market, customer trends and tech updates.

Clare went on to explain that part of her consultancy included the chance to recap and evaluate the brand’s current position, review sales and discuss successes or failings within the business, before looking forward and planning the next stage. Looking retrospectively, she said;

“Every consultation with NIMA is an honest two-way discussion, and I come away from each meeting with new vigour and excitement for what lies ahead.”

This is exactly what NIMA strives to achieve through consultations; to establish a vision and guide you in the right direction to achieving it. I hope Clare’s story offered some insight into the importance of looking ahead, taking ‘the next step’, and perhaps consulting an expert as you do so.

Do get in touch with us if you have any questions - the consultation is a service that we can offer remotely, and might be the solution to any challenges you might be experiencing at this time.

Be sure to check out the Copper & White website and follow their social pages to be part of this brand’s incredible journey.

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