Our Brand Consultancy can bring expertise and a fresh perspective to your business. And an opportunity to innovate your brand, review progression and support you in planning the next steps.

Brand Consultancy


Brand Evaluation

Does your brand make sense? Is your message consistent and do your customers truly understand your offering? Perhaps there’s a disconnect between what a customer expects, and what they receive.

Reviewing your brand and working alongside a consultant is the perfect way to ensure that you’re representing your business in the right way across all areas, both online and offline.

Marketing Consultancy

Is your marketing strategy working? As your consultant, we strive to ensure that you’re maximising every opportunity available to you, whilst spotting new opportunities to encourage growth.

Our consultancy allows you to explore innovative ideas and have a better understanding of new ways to communicate your message.

Product Evaluation

Is your retail and hospitality offering exactly what you want it to be? Are you receiving mixed reviews on your product or service? Are you doing enough to impress your customer?

We evaluate everything from exciting hotel experiences to luxury spa retreats and new store openings.

Customer Experience

How does a customer feel when they engage with your brand? We can review your customer experience and we will work with you to ensure that every touchpoint is perfect.

Create a journey that delivers a consistent brand message, pleases your customer and ultimately keeps your customer loyal to you.

Website Consultancy

As trends and technology change and adapt, it's important to frequently evaluate your online presence to ensure that your website is delivering. Does it still communicate the right message? Are your customers engaging with your site? 

We can consult with both your in-house development team, or communicate with an external website partner, to offer expert insight into where things can be improved.

Focus Groups

When was the last time that you asked for feedback? Knowing what your customer is thinking is invaluable. Honest feedback on your product or service can structure your next steps, and even encourage much-needed change to your strategy.

By bringing together your target audience, we collect valuable data and review how your brand compares to your competition before proposing new ways to interact with your audience.

Why do you need a Brand Consultant?

As your Brand Consultant, we can support you at various times. Often, we’re brought in to help when there is a feeling that improvement is needed, and a business is in need of insight and tangible next steps.

On occasion, our consultancy can be used as a check-in point to validate your offering and ensure that your business is still, “on-brand”. Having a consultant on hand, ensures you have a fresh perspective and expert advice from a professional who knows and understands your business.



We work with retail and hospitality brands to bring expert insight and enhance your strategic journey through a customer-centric approach to brand management.

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